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(14+) Discovery education is a wonderful site for teens, where finding information about any subject from algebra to the history of DNA is made easy. This site offers free student resources with interactive games, videos, contests and virtual labs ets. This site is a great resource for kids.




how stuff works


(12+) HOWSTUFFWORKS.COM is a subsidiary of Discovery Communications, and is a award-winning source of credible, unbiased, and easy-to-understand explanations of how the world actually works. This site covers broad categories (science, entertainment, people) and broken-down subcategories. Not only do the articles describe how things work, they also provide in-depth background and consumer-related info.



Watch Know


(13+) This is an excellent site by wiki, containing thousands of educational videos and other media for kids. Everything is conveniently sorted into categories and subcategories. The contents are of  high quality and clean. Overall this is a terrific educational resource. I wish I had this resource – when I was your age.





(13+) This site which was created by an MIT engineer, helps kids to learn how to do creative things and more, as well as share their skills and ideas with others. Plus there’s a lot of creative ideas here that are just fun to browse for the sake of learning.




Go! Animate


(13+) GOANIMATE lets anyone to create short, animated films and publish them on the Internet. The online software is easy to figure out and simple to use, and the cartoon characters can be made to perform a wide variety of actions and show plenty of entertaining emotions and reactions. This will be a real fun for Kids and also adults. I need to admit having fun with this site.





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